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Automatic Appointment Scheduling
Your customers can effortlessly schedule, reschedule, cancel appointments, and receive reminders through TellCent. It simplifies your scheduling process and helps you stay organized with ease.
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Automated Availability Management
Optimize your appointments with automatic availability management. TellCent checks the availability of both you and your customer, ensuring smooth scheduling that works for everyone.
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Campaign Management & Report Generation
Our product can create and manage customer campaigns with robust campaign management and report generation capabilities. Initiate new campaigns and monitor their progress through various insightful metrics.
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Ongoing Conversations Preview and Chat Customization
Experience personalized interactions with your ongoing conversation preview with customers and chat customization. Our application communicates with customers in a tailored way that provides you the chance to suggest new messages and replies for a more engaging dialogue.
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Different Data Integration Methods
Choose from diverse data integration methods to seamlessly import customer details into our application. Whether it is manual data entry, CRM integration, or REST API, we have covered you.
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Human Friendly Continuous Conversations
Engage in human-friendly continuous conversations through Conversational AI. Watch as conversations are crafted to feel friendly and relatable, reminding details of customers that keep customers close and engaged.